The Story

The story of El Brujo Blanco is: He was an Ostman (Viking). That’s why there’s a Vegvisir in the eye of the forefront Raven (Odin’s messengers). He was in a skirmish with his men against a company from Espania (Spain). They were all killed but him.

They took him to the new world, Mexico. The natives there noticed that the animals came to feed him in his imprisonment. They busted him out and began to teach him the ways of the Brujo.

The story will continue…


I finished conceiving, recording, mixing & mastering, copyrighting, registering with ASCAP, and releasing “Beginnings” finally!

For every song, I’ve used a Moog Sub 37, Yamaha MOXF8, Serum (Xfer), Cthulhu (Xfer), Ableton, Avid ProTools, I.K. Multimedia, Native Instruments, iZotope, and Waves products

I create and mix on Ableton Live but master on ProTools. I convert and add a little saturation with Antelope Audio’s Pure 2 using a hybrid rack for analog components as well as processing with plugins in-the-box

I used to release my music. To me, they have the better deal. One payment per year instead of charging me for every song, every time once a year. Plus, they distribute to every store free of extra charge