Dos Lagartos is released!

Dos Lagartos has to do with an old Nahuatl practice of sewing the eyes shut of one lizard and the mouth of another one. You release the lizards and they come back with some profound answer you’ve been looking for. Do not do this at home please, and leave the poor lizards alone! It’s just the title of my latest EP. You could get the same results smoking DMT… I’ve heard.


The first song is “Contest” It’s a song originally created for a contest I did not win. The winner submitted a song that had a lot of noises in it that Deadmau5 liked a lot. I stuck with musicality which was not what Joel was looking for. I worked on a few things I wanted to change before I submitted to stores. I used my Kramer 450B vintage bass, a Yamaha MOXF8, and my Moog Sub 37.

Second song is “GIG2”. The title comes from a Pink Floyd reference (I’m a big fan) merging two ideas into one. “Great Gig in the Sky” and “A Nice Pair” (Call me surreal). I created it while working in Napa, CA doing some emergency relief work for the people affected by the fires up there. I was NOT on duty while I was working on the song. Nice place though.

Third song is “Happy Day”. I actually created it early this year when I started producing EDM. I came in a little hot (still getting used to digital after many years of analog recording) and brought the noise floor a little too high. I tried like hell notch filtering out the buzz. If you turn it up really loud, you can hear it before the rest of the instruments come in. Though a short song, I find it quite pleasant, putting me into a trance with the soft voices of the women angels. During the breakdown, I have – what I call – “arps from hell”.

I hope you like them!

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The Story

The story of El Brujo Blanco is: He was an Ostman (Viking). That’s why there’s a Vegvisir in the eye of the forefront Raven (Odin’s messengers). He was in a skirmish with his men against a company from Espania (Spain). They were all killed but him.

They took him to the new world, Mexico. The natives there noticed that the animals came to feed him in his imprisonment. They busted him out and began to teach him the ways of the Brujo.

The story will continue…


I finished conceiving, recording, mixing & mastering, copyrighting, registering with ASCAP, and releasing “Beginnings” finally!

For every song, I’ve used a Moog Sub 37, Yamaha MOXF8, Serum (Xfer), Cthulhu (Xfer), Ableton, Avid ProTools, I.K. Multimedia, Native Instruments, iZotope, and Waves products

I create and mix on Ableton Live but master on ProTools. I convert and add a little saturation with Antelope Audio’s Pure 2 using a hybrid rack for analog components as well as processing with plugins in-the-box

I used to release my music. To me, they have the better deal. One payment per year instead of charging me for every song, every time once a year. Plus, they distribute to every store free of extra charge